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The Petite Kitchen Garden

A kitchen garden serves us in many ways–for nutrition, flavor, health, beauty and relaxation. Brimming with flowers, herbs and vegetables, large or small, they are a source of comfort and satisfaction. Join the backyard-to-table food revolution. Learn the history of these gardens, how to build or restore one, and what to grow.

Gardening with Keepsake Tomatoes or The Extravagant Heirloom Tomato

There’s a big world of heirloom tomatoes out there, (not all of them really heirloom) and all of them good for something. Discover some of the best varieties, tomato facts and lore, how to select, grow and enjoy. Whether you are a cook, gardener, or food consumer, learn more about America’s favorite fruit.

Flowers for Ornament and the Table: Cultivating and consuming edible flowers

Edible flowers are easy to grow and rewarding. They will beautify your garden, decorate your table and dishes, and serve as source of nutriment and medicine. Learn about some of the best edibles and grow them this year.

Poisonous Vegetables: Our companionship with deadly plants and hearty meals

The Solanaceae is one of the most fascinating plant families. It is the family of plants utilized by shamans and witches, deadly poison, medicines, the most widely consumed vegetables per capita and some of our prettiest flowers. The focus of this talk is on the members of the Solanaceae we eat as well as others we dare not consume.

Conservation in Your Backyard: Seed Saving 101

Preserving seeds of heritage and open pollinated plants, vegetables and flowers can be fun and easy. With a minimal effort you can become a steward of a plant that is fulfilling to grow and eat, conserve important diversity, pass it along to family and friends, or simply save on seed purchases. Learn the basics of what you need to do with each crop to begin your seed saving adventure.

The Twenty-Five Best Heirlooms to Know and Grow

Experience the taste of history. Heirlooms give you some of the best flavors and are perfect for the home gardener. Open yourself to a whole world of culinary delight, new colors and shapes. This essential journey will explore a wide range of vegetables appropriate for New England gardens.

Native American or Three Sisters Agriculture

By the time explorers reached the new world Native Americans had established a complex of agricultural traditions. In the northeast they originated many important varieties of corns, beans, and squash as well as sunflowers, tobacco, and other plants. Learn some of the origins, stories, varieties, and what is required to create an authentic traditional garden.

The Billion Dollar Heirlooms

While we think of heirlooms as old-fashioned plants that have recently been revived, several heritage varieties have never gone out of fashion and form the basis of agro-industrial commerce worth over one billion dollars annually per variety. Each of these plants arose in the 19th century and each has an unusual story of luck, persistence, the presence of a keen observer, remarkable quality and reliability