Dandelion Gardening Arts' gardeners are passionate about nature. All things natural; plants, animals, birds and the way they interact are infinitely interesting to us. That, along with experience, knowledge, and aesthetics are what set us apart in the gardening world. We are attentive, reliable, and very creative. All gardens are interesting to us from cottage to formal, secret to public, native to sacred. We can help you grow the garden of your dreams.

We will work with you to create perennial beds and borders, plan and plant kitchen gardens, and help you maintain them. If you have a garden that has become overgrown and out of control, we can renovate it into an attractive, manageable garden that you can take pleasure in.

We can provide you with illustrations and diagrams to help you visualize the plan before we begin. And, we can get you going with a customized kitchen garden to suit your "taste", complete with a four year vegetable rotation schedule to help you know what, where, and when to plant.

Routine garden maintenance includes planting, deadheading, pruning, weeding, edging, division, and mulching. Call for a consultation to get started.