Dandelion Cottage


Dandelion Cottage is a tiny homestead located in the charming village of Norfolk, in the northwest corner of Connecticut. It is owned and cared for by artist Leslie Watkins, as an experience in "living off the land" on just one acre. Small as it is, with the help of a cheerful and hard working flock of bantam chickens, and a busy bunch of bees, Dandelion Cottage's "Garden of Eatin'" produces almost all of Leslie's own food supply in season. Occasionally on the market table you will find the surplus: bouquets of fresh cut flowers, bunches of herbs, vegetables, and seasonal small fruits.

All of the elements work together in harmony to create a healthy, organic, natural cycle. The chickens free range and eat bugs, scraps, seeds, apples, small fruits and greens. They provide eggs, manure, and lots of entertainment. The manure is carefully composted and mixed into the garden soil to produce gorgeous veggies, herbs and flowers. Honey bees pollinate the flowers and provide honey. The flowers are used in arrangements for the botanical watercolor classes, and bouquets are available for special occasions.

We hope Dandelion Cottage will cultivate a love of nature in others and the inspiration to do the same in their own backyards.